GET api/Quick_Response/Apply?quickResponseId={quickResponseId}&ticketId={ticketId}

Applies a ticket to a quick response to replace the variables (i.e. %full_name%).

Request Information


NameDescriptionAdditional information
The Id of the quick response

Define this parameter in the request URI.

The Id of the ticket

Define this parameter in the request URI.

Response Information

Response body formats

application/json, text/json

  "message": "sample string 1",
  "name": "sample string 2",
  "user": {
    "address1": "sample string 1",
    "customerid": 2,
    "alternate_phone_number": "sample string 3",
    "city": "sample string 4",
    "company_name": "sample string 5",
    "country": "sample string 6",
    "date_time_format": {
      "adjust_for_daylight_savings": true,
      "date_format": {
        "name": "sample string 1",
        "id": 1
      "time_format": {
        "name": "sample string 1",
        "id": 1
      "id": 1
    "description": "sample string 7",
    "full_name": "sample string 8",
    "is_active": true,
    "is_agent": true,
    "location": "sample string 11",
    "phone_number": "sample string 12",
    "postal_code": "sample string 13",
    "signature": "sample string 14",
    "title": "sample string 15",
    "username": "sample string 16",
    "emailaddress": "sample string 17",
    "id": 1
  "id": 1

application/xml, text/xml

<applied_quick_response xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
  <id xmlns="">1</id>
  <message>sample string 1</message>
  <name>sample string 2</name>
  <user xmlns:d2p1="">
    <id xmlns="">1</id>
    <d2p1:address1>sample string 1</d2p1:address1>
    <d2p1:alternate_phone_number>sample string 3</d2p1:alternate_phone_number>
    <d2p1:city>sample string 4</d2p1:city>
    <d2p1:company_name>sample string 5</d2p1:company_name>
    <d2p1:country>sample string 6</d2p1:country>
      <id xmlns="">1</id>
        <id xmlns="">1</id>
        <d2p1:name>sample string 1</d2p1:name>
        <id xmlns="">1</id>
        <d2p1:name>sample string 1</d2p1:name>
    <d2p1:description>sample string 7</d2p1:description>
    <d2p1:emailaddress>sample string 17</d2p1:emailaddress>
    <d2p1:full_name>sample string 8</d2p1:full_name>
    <d2p1:location>sample string 11</d2p1:location>
    <d2p1:phone_number>sample string 12</d2p1:phone_number>
    <d2p1:postal_code>sample string 13</d2p1:postal_code>
    <d2p1:signature>sample string 14</d2p1:signature>
    <d2p1:title>sample string 15</d2p1:title>
    <d2p1:username>sample string 16</d2p1:username>